Having spent twenty years in sales, and a further fifteen rehabilitating those with a visual impairment; now in my fifties it is the time to follow a dream.
Travel has always fascinated me. As a child I watched Alan Whicker sup champagne with annoyingly insufferable snobs and this never put me off. The exploits of the modern travel reporter who is prepared to inhale locally produced drugs to be part of the ‘tribe’ enthrals me; though this soul’s level is risk taking is not as great! I see myself more of a Michael Palin type; a well look after explorer, prepared to rough it when necessary. To travel where you meet the locals, sample the food, sleep on floors, ride buses next to people with chickens, etc. But where luxury is offered, more than willing to set principals aside so as not to offend.
Photography has also been a passion. Knowing myself to be proficient more than expert, I learnt what I know from school. This also got me out of many an assembly and RE class. Losing that desire to pick up a camera lasted a while, but in the last couple of years I have been reinvigorated.
This blog will include the rambling machinations of a mad man (to give up a perfectly good job to travel may well qualify) and photographs that will, I hope, improve in their technique and composition.
I hope you enjoy.


After eighteen months and approximately fifty countries, I realised that my previous career of rehabilitating visually impaired people was important to me. So back into the 9-5 I go. The reward: being a small part of someone else’s achievements. Travel and writing will still be part of my blog, but stories will now diversify to include anything and everything. You have been warned!

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