It’s Showtime

2014 will see me accrue many air and land miles, but sometimes things are closer to home. The year offers me the potential for many new and exciting outcomes; one being ‘where do I want to be’ at the end of it. Of course this could include geographical location; somewhere that I come across and feel it a place to settle down for a period. But I am hoping that it will also enlighten me as to ‘where I want to be’ as a person. A chance to re-evaluate life. I’m not one to get all heavy about this…if Kismet were a religion I’d probably have a look at it. But maybe there is scope to change ‘que sera, sera’. And perhaps with a lot of work and a lot more luck, there might be the seedling of a new career. Not one that will make me wealthy, but one that would reward me with a sense of achievement. It’s

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