It’s Showtime

2014 will see me accrue many air and land miles, but sometimes things are closer to home. The year offers me the potential for many new and exciting outcomes; one being ‘where do I want to be’ at the end of it. Of course this could include geographical location; somewhere that I come across and feel it a place to settle down for a period. But I am hoping that it will also enlighten me as to ‘where I want to be’ as a person. A chance to re-evaluate life. I’m not one to get all heavy about this…if Kismet were a religion I’d probably have a look at it. But maybe there is scope to change ‘que sera, sera’. And perhaps with a lot of work and a lot more luck, there might be the seedling of a new career. Not one that will make me wealthy, but one that would reward me with a sense of achievement. It’s

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Euphoria and sadness

Today I travelled out to Grantley Adams International Airport; not for the long haul home but for something far more rewarding. I had a date with a wonderful old lady; though some might call her a ‘wonderful old bird’! I leave it to the reader to decide. Since her retirement, she has been hidden away, like an elderly relative stuck in to a home. Well cared for, but ultimately redundant to all but those who appreciate her natural beauty. I stood before her captivated by her lines and power. ┬áher name: G-BOAE or Alpha Echo for short. In her prime, she completed the journey from London Heathrow to Barbados in four hours, or half the time that the new kids on the block take now. Such was the routes popularity, Alpha Echo was joined by two of her sisters, standing in line on the airport's apron. In retirement she had not aged neither physically or physical appearance. Fuel and oils

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