Travel Overcomes Prejudices

My journeys will take me far, but for two nights I’m in Birmingham…and not the one in Alabama! And yes, I admit it…I have long harboured a prejudice against our second city. Whether this is due to the old Bullring or, more likely, the what I consider to be a rather irritating accent is uncertain. Brum would not be on my top ten destinations in the world, nor ever will be. However, it has climbed up the league table. Look beyond the BNS train station and the ‘newish improved’ Bullring, and you discover something rather exciting; an eclectic mix of old and new. And whilst I could not argue that the architecture blends seamlessly, it is not offensive. I never visited the old library, but my first stop was at its much maligned recent reincarnation. And what a treat; light and airy. Gone were the feelings of stepping back in time that many a corporation lending library still has in

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